Teaching Maths with Computers in Schools

This project is aiming to create good mathematics resources that cover the whole of the Kenyan syllabus and can be freely distributed. Experience has shown that teachers and students do not need to be computer literate before they can benefit from good electronic resources. In fact introducing teachers to mathematics resources before the more standard computer skills seems to give them more confidence to try things out on the computer. This depends entirely on the choice of resources.

Four free resources seem to encompass what is needed. CAST (cast.massey.ac.nz/) is a collection of electronic statistics textbooks which includes mastery exercises and teaching applets. Genstat for teaching and learning is a full statistics package freely available to schools. Geogebra is a geometry and algebra package which is really easy to just pick up and use. Wolfram CDF player allows documents to be freely distributed with interactive Mathematica applets included. Other good resources are available but even with just these it is possible to provide students with an engaging experience.