Post-Doctoral Fellowships for International Researchers to Work Within the Kenyan Mathematics Community

There is an urgent need within the Kenyan mathematics system to provide access to postdoctoral positions that would tempt high quality PhD students from outside the region to come to work in Kenya for extended periods. We
are envisaging positions with a flexible length ranging from 6 months to two years, with possible interruptions, to allow the postdoctoral researcher flexibility to fit their stay in Kenya into their career path while giving them enough time to get to know the Kenyan context, establish links preferably with several universities and research centers, and further the local research effort.

The post-doctoral researcher should aim to:

We are envisaging a basic salary level positioned between a Kenyan lecturer and a Western postdoctoral salary. Further benefits that would need to be provided include access to convenient and safe accommodation, suitable for family also if needed; a budget for setting up life in Kenya; access to a generous personal as well as research travel budget (return trip home for the family, at the start/end of fellowship and an extra for every 12 months completed; conference and visitor budget). This would be essential so that the researcher would not feel isolated and be able to
further their own research.