Research Methods MSc

Maseno University has just launched a research methods MSc delivered largely through eLearning. This modular program is designed to suit the working professional as they can take as little as one module per semester if the workload is too much. The individual modules are designed to give a balance of knowledge and skills that should be immediately useful to participants in their place of work.

There are five compulsory modules that cover the research process, from design to reporting, plus a range of optional modules. The optional modules include a range of statistical topics, and some specialised areas including climate change, crop simulation modelling and epidemiology.

Students choose between a conventional statistics research thesis and a professional project. The professional project consolidates the research methods work. It completes the MSc to the level that is usually needed for graduates to support the research process in many fields of application. It is intended that students who wish to continue their studies to a higher level will be able to continue with a professional doctorate, which is currently being designed. The conventional research thesis is designed for students who wish to continue with a statistics PhD.